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Chai Shortbread and Nilgiri Frost

While making this week’s grocery list, I came upon a recipe I’ve had in my collection that I have never tried before. And since today was supposed to be snowy, windy, and cold….which is basically FEBRUARY, I decided to give it a try.

Chai Shortbread cookies from Cooking Light is now a new favorite! It was very easy to make and the different spices make it a tasty experience. I also love chai tea, but it seemed like a bit of chai overkill to drink that, so I opened up the last of my Nilgiri Frost tea from Tozy Tea.

I shared my first experience with this tea from India back in 2016 on my blog and it’s still a special treat. I’m still impressed with the leaves, the flavor, and the story behind those hard working tea pickers who pick the tea at just the right time.

I used my Scottish Tain Pottery Thistle teacup as it seemed appropriate for some shortbread…even if the tea was from India. I do need to work on my dough log rolls though – not exactly round, but they tasted good.

Give them both a try!

Unusual for a black tea, the steep time is 7-8 minutes, but it’s worth the wait
Long, strong leaves ready for brewing
The flavor is unfurled to reveal the true leaf
My favorite pottery pattern from Tain Pottery made in Scotland
Chai shortbread with flecks of spice and butter

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