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Teapot Cookie Tea

In my opinion, nothing goes better with a hot cup of tea than a good old-fashioned shortbread cookie. So what could be more fitting than to have a shortbread cookie that has a teapot stamp on it!

I give credit to my Twitter friend Jean and her Delightful Repast blog. She had a post with these delightful (pun intended) little shortbread cookies and indicated the cookie stamp she used. I immediately commented on it, she sent me some links, and I finally baked some up yesterday.

My imprint isn’t as sharp I would have liked, and I think I may have over-mixed my dough a wee bit, but the teapot is there.

I used the 3-ingredient shortbread recipe that came from Rycraft with the stamp and it made about 3 dozen cookies. Due to the delicate nature of the design on the stamp, it would clog up frequently with the dough and flour I used, so I kept a toothpick handy to clean it out after each stamp. Perhaps chilling the dough slightly before stamping will help next time.

The tea I chose was an Earl Grey Supreme from Harney & Sons. Earl Grey and shortbread…yum!

My teapot is an ironstone beauty I’ve had for many years created in the 1920’s in England from Ellgreave Pottery by Wood & Sons. I haven’t used it much due to a wee crack in it, but if I don’t fill it too deeply, it’s a lovely teapot.

The bone china tea cup & saucer from Rosina pottery was also made in England but in the 1950’s.

I’m looking forward to my 2nd attempt at the shortbread cookies using this delightful little cookie stamp again.

2 thoughts on “Teapot Cookie Tea”

  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Those are so cool, Aunt Heidi. Job well done, the pictures are just beautiful and tastefully done, as always ❤


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