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Tea on the Trails

I don’t get out much during the winter – literally! So, this year I am making efforts to enjoy winter a little more and avoid the dreaded cabin fever.

We have a plot of land beside our property that is a wood lot and the landing place of yard/garden rubbish. A small trail is woven between the trees and it makes a perfect path for snowshoeing.

A small section of our trail

I received a pair of snowshoes a couple of years ago that have only been used once. So, this year I picked up a pair of used ski poles at work and have been out on the trail multiple times.

Today was a very cold day with temps in the teens, but the sun was shining brightly and the winds were light. To take the chill off, I stole an idea from a terrific photographer I follow on Instagram (@tea_on_the_trail) and took some tea out with me. Not just hot tea in an insulated thermos, but a real teacup and saucer. And Yorkshire Tea was the perfect choice and one of my favorites.

To prove it’s HOT tea, you can see the steam.
LOVE Yorkshire Tea

The snow in the woods has gone through multiple types of precipitation and temperature changes the last couple of weeks. So, the top layer was a we bit crunchy. Not exactly the best snow for snowshoeing, but it worked! I haven’t fallen….yet! The poles help keep my balance more than anything.

Crunchy snow

There has also been a lot of wind the last couple of weeks and some newly fallen trees created a new obstacle on the trail.

Man down!

Perhaps next time I’ll take tea AND scones with me! Stay tuned!

I love the reflection of the trees in the tea

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