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The Forgotten Valentine’s Day Post

The best-laid plan:

  1. make red velvet cupcakes for valentine’s day
  2. bake cupcakes in heart-themed papers
  3. decorate said cupcakes with holiday sprinkles and chocolate hearts
  4. use heart-shaped teacup & saucer
  5. use heart-shaped charger plate
  6. photograph items above in an Instagram-worthy way

Well, I got five out of six relatively okay.

Instagram can be a blessing and a curse. I LOVE seeing everyone’s beautiful homes, photographs, and tea excursions. But it can also put undue pressure on oneself to create a display more spectacular than your indoor setting, photography skills, or lighting can provide. Sometime’s I just don’t have the patience to move enough stuff around to eliminate that odd (to others) object from being displayed inside. I look forward to having the wide-open spaces of the deck outside once the weather warms up.

Hence, my very late post about Valentine’s Day. I’m not happy with the photos…ANY of them, but they’re taking up space on all of my electronic devices and before I delete over half of them, I figured I’d share just for the heck of it. So…umm….enjoy?

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