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They Can’t All Be Gems

Instagram is a lot of things. It’s inspirational due to all the beautiful photos, scenes, and settings. But it’s also highly intimidating. I don’t have the perfect outdoor furniture and I’m not an expert at lighting or photography. I do my best with what I have here in rural Maine.

I baked some blueberry sour cream scones on Saturday. It’s THE first time I have ever baked a bad batch of scones. I’m still not sure how it happened. I made the dough and it seemed fine. As I was getting ready to put them in the oven, I realized the recipe called for them to be in the top 3rd of the oven, so I had to rearrange the baking rake. Not a big deal.

However, after the 15 minutes of baking, the outsides were already quite dark but the insides were completely raw and mushy. So, back in the oven for another 5 minutes. Still too mushy. Another 5 minutes…now they were getting REALLY dark. I moved them down to the middle rack and another 5 minutes. Finally…the dough was baked, but OH, were they a dark, dark brown on the outside.

And yet, the scone was edible. Not visually attractive for sure

I even hesitated to eat one, but forced myself. They weren’t inedible, just quite dry and crumbly.

My plan was to also make my own lemon curd for the first time. Since the scones weren’t horrible I decided to proceed with the curd adventure. Thankfully, THAT was a rousing success. SO good.

My first attempt at making lemon curd was a success!

So, here I am two days later, eating my last scone and the last of the lemon curd debating whether I even take a photo. I wasn’t even in the mood to get out an actual tea cup this time. I don’t think it’s Instagram-worthy, nor even blog-worthy, but nobody is perfect…especially me. And I’m darn sure all those stunning Instagram photos aren’t exactly perfect either. Just sayin’

What IS good about this photo/setting?

  • The tea (Yorkshire!)
  • The lovely daisies cut from my garden
  • The Tain pottery vase the daisies are in
  • The view on this sunny morning after 3 days of rain
  • And yes, I did plant some of my Hens & Chicks into the cracked teapot and they appear to be loving it
Some Yorkshire tea in my Johnny’s mug
The Daisies and this view – hard to make these look bad
Hens & Chicks growing in my cracked teapot outside

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