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Tea, a Tabby, and Treats

It was a VERY dark Saturday morning and rain soon set it. As I was getting ready for my first cuppa, I remembered I still had some macarons that I had ordered from La Petite Délicat in the fridge. Dear God, how could I have forgotten? It was a busy, brain-draining week, that’s how.

What better way to brighten up the morning than with a good strong cup of tea and some sweet, delicate treats! And Lexie felt she needed to join in as well.

My latest order with La Petite Délicat was for a package of 10 of their Rosy flavored macarons. This included Earl Grey, Rose Water, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Vanilla flavors. And do NOT ask me which was my favorite—they were all equally spectacular.

The macarons arrive perfectly packaged and in a cooler envelope so they stay fresh. I have tried multiple mail-order macarons in the past and these folks are not only the best in fast shipping and packaging, but most importantly, in FLAVOR and quality. I highly recommend them if you’re a macaron lover and cannot find them in your area and aren’t blessed with the baking ability to make them yourself.

We’re lucky to have a screen door under cover so when it does rain, we can still enjoy fresh air when it’s warm out and enjoy the sounds of the small pond fountain outside off the deck.

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