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A Vintage Easter Egg Tea

My husband has many items in a china cabinet that belonged to his parents and grandparents. I chose this Easter to use one of the prized heirlooms for my morning tea.

The main purpose of this tea was to try out my shiny, new steel egg topper set on soft boiled eggs. My last (and first) attempt at soft boiling eggs and eating them out of an egg cup did not go well. After realizing #1, I needed smaller spoons, and #2, I had great difficulty cutting the top of the egg off.

I picked up the eparé egg topper set online and was excited to finally try it. I believe my eggs were ALMOST perfect. Perhaps boiling four minutes next time instead of five and the tops are cut by using gravity and vibration…and a very sharp tool! I didn’t do too badly and think with a few more tries I’ll get the hang of it.

Gathering some English Breakfast tea and some toast sticks, or points, for dipping, I then decided to go vintage for the look today.

Unfortunately, the daffodils weren’t quite in full bloom yet, but they were still lovely and the pinkish & off-white hue of each piece I picked worked well with the yellow.

The very heavy porcelain teapot and tray were Dave’s grandmother’s. It’s a lovely hand-painted 3-piece set that included both a coffee pot and a teapot. Obviously, I opted to only use the teapot and use the other half of the tray for the flowers.

This set is from Mikori Ware which is from Japan and is probably pre-World War II. The pottery mark was difficult to read, but the turtle outline on the mark made it easier to identify online. It’s a lovely set and I loved the cracked paint. I handled it very gently.

The teacup is one of my own and one of my favorites, mostly because of the teacup handle. Many teacups are difficult to hook your finger into and raise comfortably. This one is a delight to use. It’s a vintage Finish pottery by Arabia probably made between 1932-1949. The design is simple and not overly dramatic, but it fit with today’s “vintage” theme.

The plate I used for my eggs is another vintage item found in our cupboards that I believe was in my husband’s family as well. It’s from National Ivory, but beyond that I couldn’t seem to find much more about it. Vintage and “rustic” I think.

NOTE TO SELF: My mission for this summer is to look for linens to use for my tea shoots. I lack table cloths and napkins to do the teapots and cups I have justice. They deserve better. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Vintage Easter Egg Tea”

  1. Happy Easter to you and Dave! Love that vintage teapot/tray and nice job on your egg in the server. Looks pretty perfect to me…ready for dipping! Look forward to hearing about your Scotland/Ireland trip. Enjoy your Spring! Love and hugs,


  2. What a beautiful tea pot 😍 I love your egg holder, too neat!!! I Renner seeing those a lot at antique store but didn’t realize how you used them. Your shoot is beautiful as always, your so creative ❤ Happy Easter 🐣


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