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Tea of the Month Club #3

The last entry for my three-month order from the Tea Time Club arrived. Although, due to being shipped overseas from UK, it was late for our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations here in the states, I still enjoyed the Irish-themed goodies. Especially since we’ll be visiting Ireland in almost 8 weeks!

Included in this month’s box were:

  • A packet of Irish Breakfast loose tea
  • Three handmade mini bites from Broderick Brothers in Dublin
  • Four different, humorous coasters
  • A beautiful Irish-themed tea towel

My selection of Irish tea wares is limited, so I grabbed two teacups that hold special meaning to me. They were given to me as a going away gift when I moved from New York to Maine in 2000 by two good friends. We would enjoy tea together each weekend and I think of them both when using this Myott “Camelot” pattern teacups and saucers from England.

The Irish Breakfast tea was a lovely blend. Not quite as robust as I was expecting, but it may have been my steep time. I will try it again soon and brew longer. It was good, none the less.

As I was selecting a teapot, but cat Smokey decided to help himself to the two mini bites I had set out on the plate. Bad kitty!! But I can’t blame him. They are WONDERFUL!! I may have to pick some up myself when we’re in Dublin. Melt in your mouth goodies made with Irish butter, Belgian chocolate and their signature secret-recipe caramel. Brilliant!

The four coasters included in the box are charming! Each coaster says something different and humorous. I will place them throughout the house where I am apt to have a spot of tea on occasion. A lovely item.

Tea towels are something of a mystery to me, so I’m hoping some might read this post and let me know how, when, and where one is supposed to use them. This one is a lovely Irish tribute with castles, Celtic symbols, tartan and a wee dancing girl, It made a nice backdrop for the tea.

To complete my tea, I added one of the name card holders my husband and I made for our wedding back in 2010. I thought it was a fitting color match for my Irish tea this morning. It’s a wee faux mound/ball of moss or thistle, depending on how you’d interpret it, placed in a lovely green bucket with a tartan ribbon and bow.

Our trip to Ireland will mostly be spent in Northern Ireland, and we’ll be in Dublin for one day before flying home. I see some Irish tea ware and tea in my future!

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