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Lemon Cake and Lace

Although more of a pink, white and blue color theme for this 4th of July weekend instead of red, white, and blue, I DID add a wee American flag.

My first attempt at this lemon blueberry cake turned out okay. Not great, but okay. It tastes wonderful, but it’s a wee bit lopsided and is only two layers instead of the four suggested in the recipe. It’s a VERY easy recipe. I have 9″ round cake pans instead of the 8″suggested. As a result, my layers were already quite thin, so I didn’t slice them in half horizontally. Hence, the two layers.

We here in Maine are having a proper summer heat wave this weekend. After a cool & very damp June, it seems quite extreme but it IS summer. My cake icing wasn’t a fan of the heat and as soon as I placed the cake outside for the photo shoot, the top layer started to slide as the icing started to thin out. Needless to say, I took the photos outside VERY quickly.

The new Irish Lace tablecloth I bought saw it’s first use as well. It’s just lovely and fits the table perfectly. My tea of choice is a lighter green tea which paired nicely with the lemon.

Those lovely pinks roses on the teacup & saucer looked very sweet next to the lush petals of my first true rose bouquet from my garden. These David Austin roses are so fragrant and will continue to open for a spectacular display of layer after layer of soft pink petals.


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