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A New Discover-Tea

Those who know me well, always know to send me some tea as a gift. You can never go wrong. This years birthday & Christmas, I had a bumper crop of mugs given to me: FIVE of them in fact, and I received at least 7 different types of tea. Both loose and bagged. There is a clear favorite that surprised me, however.

My niece bought me three small tins of loose tea from Capital Teas for my birthday. One tin is a green tea, one is a fabulous Cream Earl Grey tea, and the third is a new flavor called Roasted Almond. I was intrigued!

I love my strong, black tea, so an herbal infusion called Roasted Almond wasn’t a taste I thought would appeal to me, but it turns out I LOVE it! It’s a delightful blend of roasted almond, caramelized almonds, baked apple, cinnamon, and beetroot. I don’t even believe there IS tea in it and I just don’t care. It’s wonderfully smooth and sweet. Also because it’s low calorie and caffeine-free, it’s a perfect dessert drink. I think I’ve had a cup (or two) of it every night after dinner since opening the tin.

When you cut open the foil bag inside the tin and see the chunks of almonds, apples and beetroot, you know it’s fresh and not a pulverized crush of powder that has been sitting around on a shelf for years.

I had also received a couple of salted-caramel biscotti and what a perfect treat to dip into this warm cuppa. The Walker’s shortbread also went extremely well.

THANK YOU Jenny! I have since ordered a larger tin of it to continue the nightly ritual.

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