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Cottage Book Tea

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend morning this time of year is to sit outside on the deck, sip some tea, and read or look through my favorite books and magazines.

We’re having an unusually warm spell here in Maine for the end of May. Now that the humidity has lifted, the weather is perfect! Lighter winds, bird song, and fluffy, white clouds sauntering by.

Today’s tea of choice is my favorite Fortmason from Fortnum & Mason in England. You can read more about my love for this tea here.

To add to the pink and blue cottage colors, I used my favorite Scottish Tain Pottery teacup and saucer with it’s lovely thistle design. Always a perfect cuppa.

Although there is not much blooming in my garden this early in the spring, I was able to cut a few of the tiny, pink blossoms that added to the cottage feel outside and placed a wee bouquet into the lovely blue apothecary bottle. The bottle says:


Two favorite picture books I have acquired over the last couple of years are these brilliant ones about English cottages and English farmhouses. I may not live in England, but I most certainly feel I may have lived there in a past life. Or there is something in my DNA that attracts me to the cozy, comfortable feel of the English cottage. I’m not into the “country” look, but the cottage look. Give me some beams, an AGA cooker, a wee garden, and some tea and I’d be happy.

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