England, Loose Tea, Tea

First Day of Summer 2020

It’s been an unusual spring, to put it mildly. Everyone wants to get outside and go places. My husband and I are basically still staying put at home. Luckily, we have a wonderful spot in the state of Maine to enjoy.

So, this morning on the first day of summer, I enjoyed some flora and fauna down on the docks with my feet in the water. A wee painted turtle sauntered by underwater as I first sat down and small schools of fish skittered about around my toes.

Our white peonies are just starting to pop open and because we’re experiencing an unusual heat wave for mid-June, they should be in full bloom any second. Their scent welcomes the high temperatures and makes one long for strawberries and watermelon.

The Rose Pouchong tea lends another light scent of roses inside the delicate Regency bone China teacup made in England. Although many in the UK don’t understand America’s fascination with iced tea, I may have to give this brew a try in a tall, chilled glass as well.

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