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Maine-Grown Blueberries

It’s that time of year here in Maine when the blueberries are picked and sold in farm stands and supermarkets from one end of the the state to the other.

I picked up a pint of Highbush blueberries at the supermarket last weekend from Circle B Farms in Caribou, Maine. Circle B Farms do a wonderful job of hiring and supporting Veterans helping to grow and sell apples and asparagus in addition to their beautiful, plump blueberries.

Tea on the deck with my Scottish thistle teapot

I have been nibbling on the berries and enjoying them on yogurt all week. Then late Friday evening I surmised I needed some blueberry muffins.

So, I whipped up a small batch of six. I was worried when lifting them from the muffin tin that they hadn’t baked long enough due to the weight of the muffins. But that was only due to how plump the blueberries were and the amount of juices they distributed into the batter.

What a wonderful treat to add to my morning tea out on the deck. Their sweetness complimented and ALMOST overpowered the strong Yorkshire tea in my cup.

My favorite Yorkshire Tea

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