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Tea Bling and Bliss

April in Maine can bring summer-like temperatures one day and frost the next. This past week we had snow, heavy rains, and high winds. But today, Saturday, presented us with a warm and breezy delight.

After a rough day of recovering from my 2nd Covid-19 vaccination shot, I was feeling better and had to get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. I pulled a few items out of winter storage that wouldn’t suffer too badly if we had frost the next day. It’s still too chilly top place any of my plants out.

Some wall planters, the deck fountain, bistro chairs, deck chairs, my posed sheep, and a bird bath were positioned in their usual warm weather locations. See the short video at end of this post.

Two of our three wee sheep

Once work was done, I needed to rest and pulled out some old issues of Tea Time Magazine to peruse and a large cup of Fortmason Tea from Fortnum & Mason.

Favorite Pastime: drinking tea while looking at tea

A new addition to my tea accessories is a lovely tea bag clip that I picked up from SierraBamboo on Etsy. I bought two and this one is a simple, but beautiful clip to place on my fillable loose leaf tea bags. Not only do they close the top of the bag but they keep the bag from falling under the hot water and potentially allowing loose tea leaves to trickle out. They work GREAT!

My new enamel Mackenzie-Childs Courtly Check teacup and saucer made a lovely, bold statement on a striking day out on the deck. Now, if only Carson from Downton Abby would bring me some homemade scones.

Happy Spring!

29 seconds of bliss on the deck in April

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