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A Day Off

I took a rare day off work last week and the weather gods were smiling on me! After a week of cool, windy, and cloudy conditions, last Friday brought sunny skies, light winds, and warmer temperatures.

The deck was calling my name and I answered its sweet request to sit in the Adirondack chair and ENJOY! Although I didn’t have any fresh baked goods, I ate a good breakfast inside but I took my tea outside.

I decided on a yellow and blue theme and picked out a teapot I hadn’t used in awhile. A lovely, floral ironstone Ellgreave teapot from Stoke-On-Trent, England. Probably circa 1960’s.

A Cream Earl Grey tea from Capital Teas was my loose leaf of choice today. A gift from my niece, the small tin was hidden behind two larger tins in my cupboard. So, just like my day off work, it was high time it came outside to play.

I just love the colorful mix of Ceylon tea and cornflower blossoms in this tea. You can smell the creaminess when opening the tin and it does not disappoint in flavor even though I don’t use milk in my tea.

A recent addition to my tea paraphernalia are the pretty tea bag clips from SierraBamboo on Etsy. And this one fit right in with the blue and yellow color theme. It’s a terrific way to use a larger tea filter with loose tea. Easier cleanup and an attractive way to keep the bag closed and secure in the pot while still allowing the tea leaves room to expand and breathe.

I cut the last of my Smokey Bear double daffodils for a bold yellow, placing them in a lovely blue glass vase. Then my blue, thistle pattern teacup and saucer from Tain Pottery in Scotland put in another appearance.

For some reason I had it in my mind that this particular teapot leaked. I was anticipating drips as I filled it with hot water, steeped my tea, and poured. But luckily, no leaks appeared. Why haven’t I used it more then? I will now. It’s a unique, squatty shape and poured with ease.

As I enjoyed my tea and the lovely flowers in the sun, the geese squawked as they flew in for a landing on the stream. The ducks quacked their annoyance with the geese, and my first sighting of a hummingbird sparked a quick retreat inside to fill the hummingbird feeder and get it hung.

I had the Vivaldi station on Pandora playing along side the sound of the trickling water in the fountain and sipped my tea in pure contentment. Ah! Now THIS is a relaxing spring day off in Maine.

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