Loose Tea, Tea, Tea Treats

Labor Day Morning

Originally conceived by America’s labor unions in 1894 as a testament to their cause, Labor Day is now seen as the last long weekend of summer rather than a day for political organizing.

I’m no different. During what is my busiest time of year at work, I welcome the day off to rest and reload for the next 2 months, which is crunch time for catalog production.

We’re not having the best of weather this long weekend, but it certainly could be worse and one takes advantage of decent weather when you can.

This cloudy morning I enjoyed a wonderful cup of Aged Oolong from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas out on the deck. It was accompanied by a VERY tasty apple and cinnamon chip filled muffin. That’s right, I said FILLED. It was SO good!

My enamel courtly checked mug from MacKenzie-Childs fit the bill perfectly along with a wee hydrangea bloom that has already turned a lovely shade of dark pink for fall.

The small bud vase is from my collection of Margaret Furlong porcelain designs.

As I buckle up for the coming months, much tea and chocolate will be consumed. They ARE what fuel me in the Fall months for our catalog deadline.

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