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An Early Taste of Fall

After a string of sunny, steamy days with temperatures in the 90’s and humidity pegged off the charts, we’re experiencing a brief, but welcome cool down for a day or two here on the stream.

With highs only in the 60’s today it certainly brings a feel of fall to the air. The cloudy, but rain-free conditions seemed to scream out for some smokey Lapsang Souchong tea from eTeaKet in Scotland filling a camp mug I purchased from a few years ago.

I gathered a wee bouquet of sedum and phlox and cut some slices of cranberry-orange quick bread I made mid-week in one of my new tea loaf pans from King Arthur Baking Company.

I’m certainly not wishing summer goodbye yet, but we know the inevitable change of seasons is coming and the leaves on the trees will soon reflect glimpses of crimson and gold on the water.

Not yet, Mother Nature…not yet.

SOUND UP! A chorus of crickets joined me on the deck.

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