Holiday, Tea

Tea With Ducks

On this final day of 2021, the weather Gods were smiling with sunny, warm temperatures. After a brisk, but clumsy walk in the snow in the woods, I settled down on the back deck sitting in the sun with my friends the ducks!

For some reason this winter, the ducks have gathered en mass along our banking to enjoy the fallen birdseed from our bird feeders. I don’t mind them at all and they certainly didn’t seem to mind me sitting so close to them.

I enjoyed a large mug of Mrs Grey Tea from Tempest in a Teapot and I browsed the latest issue of The Cottage Journal while listening to the ducks squawking and the chickadees chirping.

I hope we get many more days like this in the coming months where a mid-day sit down with tea outside can commence.

May you all enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe 2022! I think we all deserve it.

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