Food, Tea, Tea Treats

Hot Tea. Hot Weather.

When the temperatures are toasty, a hot beverage isn’t the preferred choice of liquid. But even when it’s in the 90ºF/30ºC range like it has been the last couple of days, I still like to enjoy at least ONE cup of hot tea.

Yesterday, before the heat moved in, I enjoyed some Yorkshire Tea out on the deck in the shade with a couple of dark chocolate macadamia nut biscuits from Fortnum & Mason. Although the biscuits started to become melt-aways they held up and provided a small, sweet treat with my favorite daily brew.

These biscuits are divine! So rich.
Wee bouquet of Heliopsis

Together with my sun hat, some reading materials, and a bouquet of heliopsis freshly cut from our garden, this lovely spot in front of my begonia planter by the water provided a nice respite from the stifling heat moving in.

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