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Unexpected Gifts from Friends

Every once in awhile, a friend does something special that makes one smile. Yesterday’s mail provided one of those wonderful surprises.

My great friend back in NY sent me some Russian Caravan tea and some Swedish shortbread cookies she picked up at a Scandinavian Festival she and her husband attended last weekend. They were accompanied by a lovely note inside a wonderful card that was painted by Simon Jeruchim while he was hiding in France during the Holocaust. How such beauty can come from such horror, is amazing.

#1, it was so nice of her to think of me during their festival visit and #2, taking the time to write a handwritten note and send it via snail mail went that extra effort to show me she cared. I should be a much better friend in this electronic age, but she’s not on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so she rarely sees what’s going on in my daily/weekly life.

I worked from home this morning and decided to at least drink some of the Russian Caravan tea, but then the shortbread was calling my name. So, I popped open the carefully-wrapped package to discover some truly beautiful and tasty shortbread cookies. Melt-in-your mouth sweetness.

The tea was wonderful as well. Not quite as strong as I usually like it, but still wonderful. Enough for three cups, for sure! I enjoyed the tea in my simple, practical, and small white teapot with it’s self-fitting strainer and used one of the lovely teacups & saucer I picked up at an antique store many moons ago. It’s one of my favorite cups due to the beautiful floral design and the shape and design of the saucer as well. The teacup also has a wonderfully shaped handle that makes it easy to hold and lift.

Thank you, Deb for the lovely gifts! How did you know I needed a little love from a girlfriend this week? Oh, and when I saw the word “Fragile” written on the bag the cookies came in, yes, I DID say “Fra-geee-leee” out loud. 🙂 Love ya.

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