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Tea of The Month Club #2

(See photos at end of post)

My second of three deliveries from Love British Tea club arrived. It’s a Welsh Tea this month with some things I’ve never tried before. The Welsh Breakfast tea has already taken up residence in my desk at the office and I’ve left the Royal Mint and Paned Pen Llyn teas at home to enjoy.

Another nice surprise were two flowering Dragon’s Eye tea balls. I’ll use those on another day with a clear glass teapot so I can enjoy the unfurling flowers in the hot water. Always a visual treat.

The Welsh Afternoon tea is a blend of the finest full-leaf Orange Pekoe teas from Kenya and Sri Lanka from Chantler Tea s in Wales.

The snacks included this month are Bara Brith Bach a heavy fruit-cake like cake. Upon unwrapping it, you can smell the raisins and brown sugar almost immediately. There is a heavy, moist texture and it’s quite tasty.

The Toffee Waffle cookies are REALLY good! I’m a sucker for anything toffee and these wafers did not disappoint. The butter toffee center inside two toffee waffle wafers is nothing short of scrumptious.

I enjoyed these delights with the large rose teapot that belonged to my late mother, and I sipped the Paned Pen Llyn tea which is a full-bodied black tea in one of my favorite teacups.

Included with the printed materials with this month’s box was a recipe for Welsh cakes!

I love these little surprises each month and will probably pick up my subscription again in late Summer and Fall to enjoy during my stressful catalog season. And it’s fun to try different treats and teas from other parts of the world. Highly recommend!

1 thought on “Tea of The Month Club #2”

  1. How fun, Heidi! And I love that you used your mother’s teapot. I so enjoy using my mother’s things. I even have a teapot that my mother and her mother bought on the occasion of my birth. It was the teapot they used all through my childhood, so it’s a miracle it survived.


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