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Tea and Truffles

Sometime’s you’ll see something for sale in an Instagram ad that makes you pause, explore it, then immediately purchase. This was one of those times.

An adorable little chocolate cardinal leaped out of my screen. It was so cute I said “awww” out loud. At least I’m pretty sure I did. After exploring, I discovered he and his buddies were actually truffles from The Cordial Cherry where they offer hand-decorated cordials made from scratch way out in Nebraska.

Since the local chocolatier I have purchased chocolate from in the past has switched from retail to custom/catered sales, I have been missing the special delights they offer. I was thrilled to discover these lovelies – I just hoped they were as good as they appeared.

I ordering a small package of four Christmas Garden chocolate truffles and a larger set of Christmas Gnomes which I will feature in another post later. I placed the online order on 12/11 and received the beautifully packaged goodies on 12/18. Wonderfully, speedy shipping! Everything arrived with no damaged and the small truffles were protected with sealed bubble wrap. Just wonderful

After a lovely, new coating of fresh snow, I decided the Christmas Garden truffles deserved some fresh air in the delightful outdoors. It even started spitting snow while I was taking the photos.

The tea of choice was a wonderful citrus and lavender ‘Mrs Grey’ earl grey blend from Maine company Tempest in a Teapot. I picked up a package of this tea for the first time on our trip to the coast at the end of October. The bergamot was a perfect accompaniment to the rich, chocolate truffles.

Some of my spur-of-the-moment online purchases result in cheap and lower-quality products, but in this case, it was a pleasant surprise all the way around. I would highly recommend the goodies from The Cordial Cherry.

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