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More Tea and Truffles!

I love my friend Deb back in NY, and it’s not just because she sends me such yummy things, but that she thinks enough of me to take the time to do it. I’m not worthy, but OH, do I enjoy the goodies.

As a single woman in my 30’s back in NY, Deb and her husband Darrell were kind enough to include me on many of their adventures, and to even include me on Valentine’s Day. I hated Valentine’s Day when I was single, especially at work while I watched all the women I worked with receive flowers at their desks from their significant others. I used to take the day off work and treat myself to a hair appointment — pampering for myself that day since no one else was going to do it.

When I moved to Maine and even after I married in 2010, they continued to send me lovely cards on Valentine’s Day reminding me of their kindness when I was down. Still so appreciated today as a happily married woman.

In addition to another lovely card for Valentine’s Day this year, Deb sent me some chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but gourmet artisan truffles! A lovely box arrived from Blue Table Chocolates.

Blue Table is located in Buffalo, NY near my home town. So, it was a wonderful surprise to get some “local” delicacies to enjoy over the holiday. I TRIED to not dig right in, but the call of chocolate was far too strong and the box was opened a couple of days early.

In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, I pulled out a rose-patterned teapot and cup and brewed a pot of loose leaf Rose Pouchong tea from Fortnum & Mason.

Rose Pouchong loose leaf tea

Each piece of chocolate is artistically colored to match the flavor inside. This was a sample box and it gives you a wide range of flavors to try. My favorites were Coconut Earl Gray, Orange Blossom Cheesecake, Mandarin Walnut, Lemon Pistachio, Sacre Torte and Kettle Corn, which had real popcorn! Not only were these flavors delightful, but the chocolate itself was smooth and tasty with true chocolate flavor.

Since the local Maine chocolatier I used to order from is only doing catering jobs now, I will order from Blue Table again for sure! THANK YOU, DEB! ❤️

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