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Cozy Cinnamon

It has been a very cold January here in Maine. The bitter temperatures mean the desire to remain cozy and warm inside are strong.

This past weekend I whipped up some Cinnamon Pecan scones from my last box of King Arthur Baking mixes. What a wonderful mix! The scent of cinnamon wafted through the house as the scones baked and the pecans added additional flavor and a chewy texture.

Cinnamon-pecan scones, Mrs. Grey tea, and cinnamon-currant jam
Cinnamon-pecan scone

I brewed some Mrs. Grey loose tea from Maine-based Tempest in a Teapot using my beautiful Classic Claddagh teapot from Belleek Pottery in Ireland.

Steaming hot tea to warm the soul

For Christmas this year I received four vintage seasonal trays from my niece. Each metal tray from the 1960-70’s is adorned with a Currier & Ives lithograph print representing each season. The American Homestead – Winter tray features the 1868 print showing a snow-covered scene including a farmyard with animals and barns, a couple driving a sleigh along a road, a house, and a man carrying wood along the road. A setting that some may consider the quintessential American winter vision – at least from 1868. I’m sure you’ll be seeing the photos the other the trays in the coming year on this blog.

The special treat of the day was some homemade cinnamon-currant jam I received from my good friend Deb back in New York. She’s a wonderful cook/baker and sends me thoughtful goodies each year for Christmas. THIS is one of my favorites and it gave even MORE punch to the already cinnamony taste of the scones.

Oh, I forgot to include my teacup. In keeping with the 70’s theme, this vintage ironstone cup & saucer were made in England by Myott. The ‘Camelot’ pattern. It’s part of a set of four I received as a going away gift from friends when I left New York to move to Maine in 2000. One of those friends was Deb, who made the jam I’m enjoying. So, it was appropriate I used it.

Vintage Myott ironstone ware tea cup & saucer

Because winter in Maine lasts several months, I’m sure more scones and tea will be forthcoming. Keep on being cozy!

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