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A Touch & Taste of Scotland

There’s a wee bit o’ Scotland in the home office this morning. I brought out my lovely English-made, Duchess fine bone china teapot and cup purchased at the Maine Highland Games many years ago. The national emblem of Scotland, the delicate thistles painted on the china belie the vicious spines that cover and protect the plant like a porcupine. As a result of those prickly posies, the thistle has no natural enemies.

Thistles & tea

Legend has it that in 1263, a Scottish invasion by Norseman was thwarted by the thistle as they crept upon sleeping Clansman in the night in their bare feet, and their shrieks from stepping on the thistles alerted the Clansman to the invaders. It’s a tough plant with beauty and character…just like Scotland.

On this brisk morning, I brewed a pot of Lapsang Souchong tea purchased from eteaket in Edinburgh. The smoky taste and aroma took the chill off and reminded me of walking amongst the peat bogs in the Rannoch Moor area of Scotland and the smell of burning peat in an ancient pub.

The dramatic Rannoch Moor

The fuzzy little decoration in the light-green metal bucket is a homemade creation my husband and I made for our wedding in 2010. They held the name cards for our wedding reception tables.

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