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Understated Celebration

As Queen Elizabeth II and her family celebrate her 70 years on the British throne with massive parties and festivities in the UK, I opted for a simple show of respect for the monarch here across the pond.

My late mum adored the Queen. They were the same age and my mother had a tremendous amount of respect for the way the young Elizabeth handled herself throughout the decades. Mom would have turned 96 two days ago and would have been glued to the television watching all of the coverage of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

It was fitting that today I used my great-grandmother’s silver teapot (my mom’s grandmother), I poured a delicious cup of Yorkshire tea, enjoyed a strawberry scone, and cut a wee bouquet of fresh pansies.

My homemade bunting highlighted the Union Jack flag on the metal Emma Bridgewater tray in the background. When my husband and I visited London in 2012, when the Queen had her Diamond Jubilee, we enjoyed seeing the streets throughout the city displaying their pride as they are now.

My great-grandmother’s silver pot I inherited from my aunt
Yorkshire Tea & fine bone china from England
Bouquet of freshly-cut pansies
My homemade bunting

The Queen has been a constant presence and source of stability for the British people for 70 years. What an amazing source of pride for those who support the monarchy and her family. I’m amazed by her unselfish devotion and duty to the crown. We will never see the likes of Elizabeth and her ilk again.

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