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My Latest (Expensive) Collection

I first noticed Cornishware® on Instagram where the fabulous, clean blue & and white stripes caught my eye. The blue is the color of a summer sky or the rousing waves of the ocean. Either way…it caught my eye…and my interest.

The more I learned about how they make and decorate this cookware, the more I appreciated the craftsmanship (or craftsWOMANship) and the history of this iconic business located in England. Did I REALLY need more tea ware? No, I did not.

Then, they advertised a “seconds” sale on their website. Well, who doesn’t love a good sale? I immediately placed my order for my first mug and the teapot on steroids I spoke of in my previous post. Did I HAVE to spend that amount of money for shipment from the UK? No. Do I love this mug and teapot? Yes.

They also offer many other colors and over Christmas, I was highly tempted to order up some of the dark green or red stripy treasures, but held my ground. The original blue & white stripes are still my favorite.

A few weeks ago, they put up another sale on “seconds” and I decided to up my game a little with some dessert plates, tea towels, oven mitts, and a normal sized teapot. They arrived in record time, especially from the UK, and after baking up a small-batch of blueberry scones, I enjoyed it ALL outside for my first tea on the side deck this spring.

The leaves aren’t out on the trees yet and the grass still has patches of brown, but the blue and white stripes brought an air of fresh delight. The teapot pours like a dream and the tea towels are made of hearty material that will last for years.

Excellent pouring teapot

I still would like to add two things to my collection, then I’d call it quits. (Right, Heidi!) The vase and the teacup and saucer are on my list. I don’t have room for four though, so finding an offering of one teacup and one saucer may be difficult, but I’ll be patient.

My starter collection

Until then, I’ll continue to live vicariously through the folks in the UK on Instagram who have entire kitchens filled with these fabulous pieces. So, I think I may have an official starter “collection” of Cornishware® now.

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