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Daisies and Biscuits

We’re having typical July weather, even for Maine in the northeastern United States. Hot, hazy and humid. I still try to enjoy my hot tea outside, but usually only in the morning before the sun heats up the deck.

My roses bushes are between blooms right now, but the lovely, white daisies are in full song in the overgrown garden. The blooms add a touch of rustic elegance to my tea on the deck.

Royal Blend, from Fortnum & Mason is a new tea me, but it provides a smooth, honey flavor to accompany the wee Pistachio & Clotted Cream Biscuits, also from Fortnum & Mason. Even though it is recommended on the tin, I did not add milk to my loose leaf tea. I like tasting the TEA.

The biscuits….oh, those biscuits! They melt in your mouth with lovely chunks of pistachios. Just divine with tea.

My favorite thistle pattern teacup and saucer from Tain Pottery in Scotland matched the vase I gathered the daisies in giving them a fresh and rustic look.

As the summer months bring more sunshine and heat, tea continues to provide mental relief for me.

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