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Pu-Erh and Peonies

Oh, how I DO love my summer Saturday morning tea on the deck. Even on gray days, as long as it’s not pouring and the winds aren’t whipping, I’m there.

With early summer flowers starting to appear in the garden, some floral scent and color adds to the display. Our peonies are blooming. Although battered by some rains the last two days, they’re providing some much needed color amongst the palettes of greens.

Today’s tea of choice was some loose pu-erh tea from Upton Tea Imports in Massachusetts: One of my favorite sources for this particular type. It’s a strong, earthy tea, but that’s how I like it. Good for a cloudy morning and perfect to accompany the equally strong scent of the peonies.

I love this older delicate Noritake China teacup with it’s lovely painted floral surprise in the bottom of the cup as well as on the saucer under it. The pink flowers matched the pinks in the peonies as well as the teapot.

My niece bought me the wee teapot for Christmas. I love it. It pours very well and the stainless steel strainer inside has a wonderful rubber handle on it so you can easily remove the strainer after steeping without burning your fingers. SO many teapots with strainers can be a hot potato when removing from boiling water.

The only thing missing were some baked goods and the sun. No complaints though.

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