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Rustic Elegance

I inherited my great-grandmother’s silver tea set from my aunt. I realized the other day I hadn’t used it in awhile and decided to set up a wee photo shoot out on the deck.

I did the best to give the silver a quick polish. It’s not perfect, and it never will be again. I don’t mind the blemishes that won’t buff out. I think it gives the silver character and indicates it’s been used by a previous generation in my family and I love that. It’s one of the reasons my aunt gave it to me: she knew I’d actually USE it.


A shady spot out on the deck with the best natural light. However, with the hours (literally!) of planning I took to compile and prepare everything, the sun moved in JUST as I was getting ready to take the photos. I wasn’t going to move everything. So, it is what it is…complete with excessive glare.


  • Cucumber-Blue Cheese Canapés with a sprig of fresh parsley
  • Chicken Salad tea sandwiches
  • Chocolate Cake with a raspberry filling covered in chocolate ganache (I can’t take credit for the cake)


Rose Pouchong tea from Fortnum & Mason. A loose black tea interleaved with rose petals. It’s a new favorite and lovely for a June day.

Rose Pouchong tea in bone china teacup. Both made in England


A beautiful bouquet of white peonies freshly cut from my own garden surrounded me with their sweet, uplifting scent.


With this rustic country setting, the silver set and the lace tablecloth added a touch of elegance and sentiment to an otherwise ordinary afternoon tea. The Irish linen napkin and the Summer Rose pattern on the English bone china also lent charm and grace.

The cake was rich and scrumptious, the sandwiches were light, yet filling, and the tea was perfection on a sunny, early summer afternoon.

Pouring a cuppa

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June”

Lucy Maud Montgomery

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