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Chai, Berries, Tea Bread

Hello tea followers! I haven’t posted in awhile. Not for lack of enjoying tea, but lack of energy and ambition after my annual busy 5 months of catalog creation.

As the days get shorter and cooler, all the warm spices of fall and winter are out in force. The leaves have made their finally plunge to the ground and the scent of wood smoke wafting from homes is more pronounced.

The colors of fall. Reds, oranges and golds.

This morning’s brew is the Winter Chai gourmet blend from Tea Forté. Enjoyed in my café cup, also from Tea Forté, the rooibos tea with exotic cardamom, and sweetly fragrant vanilla are the perfect compliment to the sweet spices in my apple-cinnamon tea bread.

To add some color, I cut a couple of small branches from a wee, wee winterberry bush across the road and a small pine sprig.

A few small branches of fresh cut winter berries

‘Tis the season! Peace & love to all.

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