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A Simple Scone and Cuppa

I was thinking ahead on a Friday night and made myself some scones in anticipation of their enjoyment the following day. I should do this more often.

Although it was difficult to not devour half of the scones after baking them the previous night, it was a welcome reward after an exhausting trip to the grocery store very early Saturday. Grocery shopping normally exhausts my brain, but during this pandemic, the shopping experience has been elevated a bit. I knew I would not have the energy to make the scones in the morning. So, my foresight the previous night was well worth it.

I’m a tad embarrassed to admit that the scones are a mix from King Arthur Flour. Not that I’m embarrassed about where they came from, but it’s a Christmas flavored scone mix called Spicy Eggnog. I know….eggnog in August? Yes. Eggnog in August. I doubt the scone police will come to my house to arrest me and these scones are SO good. After the 2019 holiday season I ordered up 3 boxes of the mix on sale to enjoy later and this was my last box.

I decided on my sentimental favorite FortMason tea from Fortnum & Mason in London. This blend of Darjeeling and China teas with hints of orange blossom make a perfect companion to the spice-fill scones.

I used one of my favorite little teapots I received as a birthday gift from my niece. It’s a perfect size for a small tea with lovely summer colors of turquoise and pink. The teapot comes with a hinged metal lid and a basket infuser with a handy rubber-covered handle to safely lift it in and out when it’s hot.

Adding to the simplicity of the morning I used my single white teacup from Tea Forté. It didn’t come with a saucer and that’s fine. It’s a beautiful, beautiful teacup on its own.

I gathered a few phlox that were blooming and the only 2 echinacea that the Japanese beetles hadn’t attacked for a wee bouquet that matched the pink shades on the teapot.

The sun was hidden behind a heavy layer of clouds this morning. It was warm and not a stitch of wind. I felt a bit like Snow White as a slew of goldfinches visited both bird baths and chattered around me while I was enjoying my treats.

Water view

Tea, scones, flowers, and a summer morning view. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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