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Blueberry Summer Scones

Some coolers temperatures have invaded our lazy, hazy days of summer. It’s a welcome change after heat and humidity when one has absolutely no desire to turn the heat of the oven on and bake.

On a cloudy, but rain-free day last weekend, I decided to heat up the stove and bake some blueberry scones. And now that I know how to make my own lemon curd, the sticks of butter and flour were flying!

This scone recipe makes 16 medium-sized scones and the full-size, Maine-grown blueberries oozed out as they baked.

With my favorite Fortmason loose tea from Fortnum & Mason and a wee bouquet of Lisianthus, I positioned my teapot and teacup outside to take advantage of the good light under cloudier conditions.

The teacup and teapot are not part of a set and were given to me in two different states and in different decades by two very good friends. But I think they play nicely together.

The lemon curd was fantastic with the blueberry scones and the choice of tea couldn’t have complimented them better. A lovely tea on the stream.

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Summer Scones”

  1. Heidi, that lemon curd looks divine! Oh, and what a lovely way to present it…scones look sooo good. Wish I had better luck growing those flowers (I do not) as they are beautiful in a vase.
    Love you!


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