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Blueberries and Hydrangeas

August is wild blueberry season here in Maine. The maintenance of the fields and the harvesting of these small, delectable berries is very labor intensive. So, when I saw fresh berries suddenly available at the local market, I was glad to buy a pint and support our local farmers.

I decided to bake some blueberry muffins and I found a recipe called “To Die For Wild Blueberry Muffins.” I’m not sure they were “to die for”, but they certainly were delicious.

And yes, that is MORE lemon curd and I poured a wee pot of Yorkshire Tea in my Scottish Tain pottery set. My container dwarf hydrangeas are blooming on the deck. The flowers are much smaller this year, but they’re still quite lovely. I only cut a few of the creamy white blooms and also grabbed some blooms that had already turned color for fall from my hydrangea tree. They created a pretty, tiny bouquet to match the tiny little bundles of flavor in these muffins.

I love sitting outside on the deck with my tea, enjoying the birds coming to the bird bath, the wildlife on the steam, and the few containers plants I have surrounding me.

Maine: The Way Life Should Be.

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