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Tea and Donuts

Fall is a stressful season for me at work, but before the temperatures turned too chilly I was able to tear myself away from the catalog for a brief outing on the deck one Saturday.

I pulled out all the stops…or props, I should say. I really need to practice the “less is more” adage. Photo shoots would be far easier and I wouldn’t have to put so much “stuff” away afterwards. But I enjoy it at the time.

Although everyone gets the pumpkin spice all over themselves this time of year, I opted for simple flavors with plain donuts and a wonderful Roasted Almond tea from Capital Teas. With notes of apples, cinnamon, beetroot, and crushed and caramelized almonds, I was surprised I liked this tea as much as I did. It’s not overly sweet, but smooth and almost creamy.

Wee pumpkins, red lantern, dried corn, and a cozy throw & pillow added a touch of texture and color. While the classic Brown Betty teapot offered up some depth.

As the sun sits lower in the sky and the shadows grow longer, these lovely warm days are practically gone here in rural Maine. Oh, the sun will still shine, but the hours to enjoy it are getting so much shorter.

I will continue to try and enjoy the sun outside when I can now that the catalog is finished. But the days of sitting outside for hours in the warmth of the sun will be short lived. Tea and donuts are forever, however. Cheers!

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