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Sugar Doilies

I have seen these Snowflake Lace Sugar Doilies for years in the Victorian Trading Co. catalog and decided to see if they were as pretty as they looked. They ARE! But it’s been difficult getting a good photo of them because they immediately start to melt once you place them in hot liquid. So, for photography purposes only, I let the tea cool down to room temp., THEN placed them delicately on top of the tea. Also, a smaller teacup (although not holiday themed) works better than a larger one. My first attempt was with a Christmas teacup, which was very wide and the doily was dwarfed by the cup.

Once melted, I cannot say the flavor of the doily adds anything to the taste of the tea. In fact, it’s not good at all. The ingredients include: Rice starch, fructose, glucose, vanilla flavoring, E422, thickener E440, coloring E171, emulsifier E433, preserver E202. None of those sound particularly yummy.

Instead of using them in liquid, I think I’ll use the rest of them for decoration on baked goods. They ARE pretty and a wonderful idea for the holidays.

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