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Toast and Tea

The weather in Maine this past weekend was spectacular! Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. I enjoyed tea outside more than I have in a long time.

One day, I just wanted a simple toast and tea out on the deck and I had everything I needed to accomplish that: I had bread. I had a toaster. And I had tea.

I poured a lovely mug of Royal Blend tea from Fortnum & Mason and enjoy it in my Cornishware mug.

On top of my Cornishware plate was a slice of seedless rye bread toasted to perfection then slathered with cream and a large dollop of Strawberry Preserves also from Fortnum & Mason.

The light shade of the deck kept me comfortable and the petunias in the planter behind the table maintained their composure.

As my work schedule continues to heat up this summer and early fall, I welcome and seek out, these little moments of bliss whenever I can.

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