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A Touch of Scotland in Maine


It was bittersweet attending the Maine Scottish Highland Games this year for Dave and I. After years or planning, we were unable to go to the REAL Scotland earlier this year and it brought back those painful memories of why we couldn’t make the trip.

However, we made the best of the rainy morning and really enjoyed the day. The sun came out, it got very warm and we were WAY overdressed. LOL Click the photo below for photos.

As usual, there were bagpipes, fattening food, dancing, music and Scottish goodies galore. Dave was able to connect with a local historian who we hope will help tie up some loose ends in one mystery of his ancestor’s who first arrived in Maine. It was a wonderful opportunity and Dave took advantage of the time.

Since the games moved to the fairgrounds, it seems so spread out and it was really difficult to gage just how large the crowd was. It most certainly picked up once the rain stopped and the sun came out. We missed several events because they just weren’t within close proximity to where we currently were. We missed the sheepdog trials, but did catch some of the athletic events. We missed the opening ceremonies, but we did stay for the closing ceremonies and enjoyed hearing the pipes.

Highland Games

The last several years they’ve hire some other musical groups to accompany the more traditional Celtic performers. Two rock-style groups performed. I know they probably draw in a younger crowd, and the games need that, but I guess I’d like to hear more traditional Scottish music like Charlie Zahm and Colin Grant-Adams, which I think should be more front and center than the rock bands at the games. Just my two-cents! It’s a shame that the fantastic musical talents of Charlie and Colin and pushed off to the side and kept quiet. Charlie’s voice is amazing and he isn’t exactly hard on the eyes either.

After missing a few years at the game, the Clan Buchanan was once again represented at the games and we were both very happy to see that. They did a great job with the tent and made a good showing. McCausland is a sept of the Buchanan clan. And now that Dave and I are married, I’m now an official member of the clan, although the head of the New England Buchanan society said I looked like Meryl Streep. That was a new one! Really? LOL I think he had been eating too many pieces of the Scotch Fudge they had in the tent.

As usual, we ate some fantastic food and it appeared to me that more traditional Scottish fair was offered this year. We opted for the usual Bridies (meat pies), scones, fish & chips and a MASSIVE strawberry shortcake from To The Queen’s Taste tent. I bought four cranberry orange scones from them as well. More on those in my next entry.

I was on a mission to find a teapot with either an English or Scottish flag. No luck on that end, but after one last tour of the vendor tents, I DID find a fantastic large teacup and saucer from The Tain Pottery in Scotland with a thistle design. I always have a pot of loose tea at work in the morning and really wanted to find a larger teacup and saucer to make it more of a ritual than just a mug. This was perfect! Glad I stopped in again.

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